Why you should Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

“Adopt a Dog Singapore!” or “Puppy for Sale Singapore” might be a few of the signs that you may have encountered if you live in Singapore. But before you get yourself a dog from a store or even adopt one, why not pay a visit to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (SPCA) in Singapore? SCPA is a non-profit charity based animal shelter. Just like the majority of animal shelters around the globe, SCPA does not receive any government funds and must rely on and supported by donations from the public or through fundraising activities.

There are ways people could also help if they are not able to donate funds, and one of them is volunteering. Being a volunteer provides as many benefits as it gives to the animal shelter. People who have previously volunteered have stated that it feels good as they are doing the right thing by contributing themselves to make the animal shelter a better place for strays. Part of volunteering work requires you to work with animals so that they can be prepared for adoption. Most animals that come into the animal shelter, unfortunately, have very little interaction with humans. By working with animals to make them adoptable, they would be more open towards humans as you help them breakout from their timid shells.

Other than helping animals, you can also see the results of your hard work in them. Just by spending time with them by taking them for walks, giving them clean baths, or just petting them on their heads and showing them love, you can really see the difference from when you first met them as their personality start to show. It is truly a rewarding experience each time.

So if you’re contemplating on buying a  poodle Singapore that you saw somewhere in town, why not volunteer first to see how well you do with dogs? You never know how capable you are until you are swarmed with adorable breeds waiting for you to come for them.