Why We Need More Asian Models Within the Modelling Industry

Thinking about models, we may notice that the modelling industry lacks in diversity especially with Asian models. There are only a few Asian models that are reputable enough to be on the cover of an international magazine or be part of the Victoria Secret’s supermodels. Asian models are very underrepresented. This issue has been brought up over and over by people around where they have a strong belief that there should be more Asian models representing the modelling industry as they are equally as capable in performing as well as a western model. We all believe that there are many beautiful Asian models out there who are waiting to show their talents at the right time.

The Singapore modelling agency has placed in efforts in creating awareness of their  prettiest female models in Singapore who have what it takes to compete with international professional models. With the success of Singaporean female models like Fann Wong and Sheila Sim, the modelling agency Singapore has been scouting for talented beautiful Singapore models and freelance models in Singapore to represent the company. Other than popular Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and China who have also achieved in gaining recognition for their models, Singapore also has models like Fiona Fussi, an Austrian-Chinese Singaporean model that has worked with branded makeup companies such as Chanel and Clarins.

While freelance models Singapore don’t often get accepted for high-profile events as designers would usually go for agencies as it is quicker and professional, that doesn’t mean that freelance models don’t go unnoticed. Talent scouts are usually around looking for Singapore models for events. If you’re lucky, that event might bring you more opportunities to come to represent more Asian models in the modelling industry.