Why People Love Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun, playful, and trendy app that is incredibly popular among teens and young adults for its features that embrace the freedom to be creative in editing their photos and videos as part of their way to tell stories of the user’s day. If you are new to Snapchat, here of the things that users love about the app.

  1. It’s Free, Simple, and Fun.

Snapchat is a free to use the social platform and instant messaging app that offers free and unlimited text messaging. Users are able to send each other emojis or stickers that can fully emphasize their day or what they mean when communicating with each other. It is a fun way to express yourselves. As it is so easy to use, it does not take long for someone to get dwelled into the app once they start getting the hang of it.

  1. Media lasts for 24 Hours

The cool feature on Snapchat is that you can record your stories every day and is temporarily displayed up for others to see up to 24 hours. Users can post as many pictures or videos of their day for to 10 seconds per post, and they are able to rewatch them as much they want.

  1. Follow Celebrities

Celebrities have also got into the hype of Snapchat and stayed to enjoy the fun of recording their personal lives for their fans to see. It’s not difficult to find a celebrity’s Snapchat as they would often promote their profiles on other social platforms.

  1. Easily make New Friends

Snapchat has a Snapcode that allows other people to scan and find you Snapchat. Users are also able to share their usernames to make new friends on sites like Bestfinder.me, where bestfinder.me – snapchat friends and usernames are stored in the website’s database. Bestfinder.me is free, easy to use, and convenient for those seeking a new connection with someone.