Things You should Not Do to Your Skin

While taking care of your skin, there might be some things you do that you shouldn’t. Your skin is quite sensitive especially when it comes to your face. It is just a good thing there are procedures that can reverse your mistakes like the Kelowna Dermaplaning. This can erase up to 3 weeks of accumulated dead skins.

However, you should not have this procedure often as it can also generate adversities. This is why it is still important that you will be aware of the things you must not do when it comes to your skin. Check this out:

When you have to use a hairspray to keep your hair in place, you should make sure your skin is covered as its chemicals are not good for your face. In fact, you can say that it is terrible for the skin.

You should not use chlorine to your skin as well. Yes, it is the best solution in cleaning the pool and maybe your bathroom as well but it is also quite terrible to your skin. This is also why if you will have a dip in your pool, you should make sure to wash your body thoroughly with soap so the tint of chlorine will be removed.

Yes, your favorite coffee is also not good for your skin. However, if you can’t really stop from having this, you can drink water at the same time to keep you hydrated. Coffee after all can dry your skin. A fruit at the side might also be a good idea.

For sure you already know that leaving your makeup before going to sleep is bad for your skin. This is why even if you are dead tired, you should still remove any trace of it.