The Right Questions to Ask when Looking for a PR Agency

A PR agency, though assumed as almost identical to an advertising agency is actually different in a lot of ways. This is why if you happen to be an owner of a start-up company, you are advised to hire this so your reputation to the public or to your targeted audience will be solidified.

There are already a number of PR agencies thus it might be a little daunting to only pick one. You should establish the factors to look for. At the same time, you should also know what questions to ask to your options. These guides below should be able to help you in this quest:

Though some of the common metrics are already quite known, still you should ask your candidate how they will measure success. How can they tell if their strategy really works and that should go beyond what are common.

Which media reach they plan to involve in your project. This is quite important as not all types of media can work for any types of business or maybe, some or just too grand for the size of one’s business. One thing you should check though is that the firm should be well-versed on both new and old media.

Who you will be working with every day? Yes, you might be talking with one of the executives right now but when the deal is sealed, the task might be passed to their lower-grade employees. You should know right from the start who you will be dealing with in a day to day basis.

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