Popular Modern Garage Door Trends


Thinking of adding a touch of modern style to your home? Customizing your garage is a great way to start. Garage door replacements with newer and modern looking models are often one of the most popular projects on home improvement. Not sure which modern garage door styles to choose from? Here are some popular ones:


Modern Steel

A steel garage door is an easy way to make your garage door go towards a more modern look on your home. It has a combination of both traditional and modern architectural design that gives your home the updated look of the century. There are usually options to have the windows vertically arranged down at the side of the door which in turns, gives the door an incredibly unique touch.

Faux Wood

An ongoing popular choice over the years, faux food garage doors have owners convert their ordinary wooden garage doors to ones that have the looks of a wooden garage door but requires less maintenance than real wooden garage doors. Faux wood garage doors are often made with from fiberglass to steel.



For a more sophisticated designer look, glass garage doors are becoming increasingly popular in terms of modernizing their home and lightening up indoor spaces at the same time. It gives the curb a sophisticated appeal that also balances out to be minimalistic and classy at the same time. Glass garage doors are usually made of aluminum frames encased securely in a glass.

If you’re still wondering if upgrading your garage door is worth the hassle, or if you’re just looking for regular garage door repair and maintenance service, Garage Door Repair Lincoln NE is one that you should look for any decisions relating to garage doors that you need reassurance for.