How to Tell If Your Smart Phone Has been Hacked

Smartphones can be easily hacked into open wireless connections and systems. Hackers commonly target gullible users by developing convincing sounding apps that would prompt users to enable storage access, which is when the hacking begins. If you’ve begun to notice that your phone isn’t functioning as well as it used to be, it might be hacked.

To start with, every smartphone user should know the basic core specifications of their operating system. Two dominant operating systems that are currently in the smartphone market are iOS and Android. iOS systems are often considered to have better security overall due to their ability to limit outsourced apps, while Android, on the other hand, can become both a playground or a flexible operating system for casual users who seek to install apps that are not available in the OS store. Installing foreign apps can come with a price, and malware can easily disrupt your phone.

One of the ways hackers can disrupt your phone is that your battery quickly drains. The usual root of this problem is that there are many background applications running that are continuously using your phone’s battery in order to be kept alive. More often than not, people may download foreign apps that can have nasty malware as part of the package. So not only do you get a dodgy application installed, but you’ll also have unwanted viruses hacking through your phone. Be sure if you’re going to install external applications for specific tasks like a beta testing app, an educational WhatsApp hack application, and so forth, check that these are from trusted external sources and not ones out to get your data without your knowledge, or destroy your phone for the fun of it.