Free Face Photo Editors to Try Out

Looking great on social media is the craze these days. Smartphones have upgraded their technology to cater towards better front cameras and adding various smart effects that will automatically enhance the camera view before taking a photo. However, sometimes it’s just not enough. Luckily, app stores and the internet is just filled with so many of face photo editors, giving you a wide array of choices when the previous one fails until you find the perfect editor that suits you. Here are some face photo editor free that can put wonders to your face on your photos.


One of the popular face photo editor apps in the app store for smartphones. The app is specialized in enhancing skin and teeth, and also the magic of makeup “pop” with a variety of makeup selections. The interface is divided into several key points such as Skin, Face, and Eyes. Perfect365 also allows you to post the results of the photos to social media.

Visage Lab

Right after uploading a photo of yourself, Visage Lab will automatically fix those blemishes that you’re insecure about and add stunning improvements to your makeup, teeth, and remove those pesky wrinkles. Visage Lab is a free smartphone app that airbrushes photos instantly making your skin look healthier and smoother at just a tap on the screen.


If you’re looking for an alternative other than apps, PinkMirror is a free to use website that instantly edits photos for you. Provided that you just point out the lines along your face before letting the site do their magic. PinkMirror allows you to make your lips plumper, add some glow to your skin, and many more. Free downloads come with a watermark, but it comes with an affordable fee to remove it.