Car Modifications and your Insurance Claim

Before deciding to upgrade your car with another stylish modification, you should be aware that car modifications will impact the cost of your premium as well as any claims that will be made in the future. If you are compelled to customizing your vehicle, make sure you do so at your own risk.

All vehicles driven on the road must be classified as “street-legal”. There are many types of modification that might affect your vehicle’s status of being legal to the law. So before you rush into customizing anything, check with your insurer or any licensing authority of the list of modifications that will affect your vehicle’s status of being street-legal.

In a case where your car has already been modified and its customized additions are illegal, there is a possible chance that you’ll be given a hefty fine. Other than that, your vehicle might get unregistered and totaled, leaving you with a defect notice and one less vehicle. Examples of illegal modifications are window tints that are too dark, loud exhausts, and engine modifications that are non-compliant to the law.

You’ll absolutely have to let your insurer know of your plans to modify your car and failing to do so will cause the insurer to reject any claims that you made and cancel your premiums. This issue is most often stated in the book of customer complaints due to their lack of knowledge regarding the laws they broke which resulted in being unable to claim from their insurers. Automotive Insurers such as the Liberty Auto Protection Complaints About Insurance helps customers to be aware of the common complaints done towards the insurers, which will greatly help in addition to choosing the legal styles to modify your car with. It is always good to follow the law than to end up paying extra for a fine and losing your car in the process.