All about the Android Operating System

Why you are among these android mobile, but do not understand exactly what an android means? You bought thinking difficult to discover the response it. Well this is something that will erase of your doubts.

What is android OS?

The android OS is a system employed in the mobile phones like the PCS along with the smart phones and the programs are written in java-based speech. Comprising together with libraries written in c and application programming interfaces, this OS has its own application software running on the program model, which contains the libraries. The arm architecture creates the hardware platform for your android. X86 is even supported by android a variant of, out of the android x86 endeavor. However, this android device’s downside is it contains a x window system nor supports gnu libraries’ package, therefore also to android even harder and making the job of porting the Linux programs that are dwell.

Characteristics of this android OS

Some of the characteristics that are android include:

    • Storage: a very lightweight database.
    • Layouts of this handset: the machine platform is nicely adaptable to a bigger 2d graphics library, VGA and 3g images library.
    • Internet browser: the most outstanding android browser is devise based on this web kit design engine jointly with chrome’s v8 java script engine.
    • Tethering: android telephones allow tethering, thus creating the mobile wired or wireless Wi-Fi hotspot.

Characteristics and the apps of this android have made the folks go mad for it. Another app that will make folks crazy even more is the UC Browser Mini; the tiny size of the browser will help you in having the best quality experience even with the lower- end android devices.